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Colorful Colorado

The motto in Colorado is “Colorful Colorado,” and Colorado Springs holds true to that motto. The term colorful implies a broad spectrum, and the diversity here is one of the most attractive aspects of this great city. From the climate to the outdoor activities, there is no shortage of variety in Colorado Springs.

This big city of nearly a half-a-million people, still manages to have a small-town vibe. The city sprawls east from the foothills, and is spread out, offering the delicate balance of space and community. Up north is the Air Force Academy, and down south is Fort Carson, two major military installations. The primary feature of Colorado Springs is Pikes Peak. This “14’er” dominates the landscape and provides a stunning backdrop from anywhere in the city. There are several ski resorts within a few hours drive, and Garden of the Gods is a famous worldwide symbol of beauty. The booming economy, with unemployment nearly a full percent below the National average, is diversified and notable for its concentration of scientific research and high-technology industry. Colorado Springs is home to more than 220 IT and cybersecurity companies, five high-tech military installations, and organizations like the National Cybersecurity Center. A U.S. News & World report ranked Colorado the #1 State in the Nation for economy. But you don’t have to be a “techy” to live here, Colorado Springs is far more than meets the eye.

The type of people who live in Colorado Springs can be summed up by one word, assorted. On one end, you may have the run of the mill resident, with strong republican views, who enjoys the overall heartbeat of the city. On the other hand, you may have the flaming liberal, who overlooks majority opinion due to his/her love of the cultural variances and employment opportunities. Next you may have the student that wants to go to a nationally ranked school but doesn’t enjoy the outdoors. Or you may have the avid cyclist, who enjoys biking in one of the most “cycling friendly” cities in the nation and appreciates the weather variances and sunshine. You may have the ultimate professional, who relishes in the departure of everyday life, and indulges in the never-ending outdoor activities and popular attractions. Lastly, you may have the military servicemen/women, who discovered this wonderful nugget called Colorado Springs, who may be passing by initially, but will return to retire in this great city.

For starters the climate offers four full seasons of enjoyment. There are distinct variations in weather, temperature and scenery, all year around. What people like about Colorado Springs is the complete lack of humidity, and the potential for 50-85F sunny days, where you can get outside all year long. That said, it is not unusual to need a warm coat in the morning, and the need to shed it in the afternoon. There have been extended fall seasons and late winters, where it doesn’t snow until Christmas Eve, or years where it snows in June. Occasionally, we will have an “out of the norm” season, but the weather is typically distinguishable, but expect the unexpected. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the UV is high in Colorado Springs due to elevation, so sunscreen is a must. The winters are dry, the summers are hot, and the spring and fall are a nice break.

According to Forbes, Colorado Springs is listed as one of the “Best Places to Retire”, and U.S, News listed Colorado Springs #2 in the “Best Places to Live,” based on quality of life, job market, value of living here, and people’s desire to live here. Colorado Springs has much to offer including a low cost of living, low unemployment rates, and a variety of recreation and entertainment options. Colorado Springs attracts students, professionals, and military personnel with a cache of military bases and nationally ranked colleges. Colorado Springs is booming with new residences popping up everywhere, quality schools, and parks and cultural attractions. In general, Colorado Springs tends to be a conservative city in values and politics, but there is room for differing views and opinions. Surrounding cities/towns that contribute to Colorado Springs, offers an option of alternative lifestyles and a “live and let live” mentality. Christianity is popular in Colorado Springs, but there is a major presence of all dominations and church organizations.

Despite what is believed to be the “norm” in Colorado Springs, you will quickly realize that there is something for everyone here. Colorado Springs fully lives up to the motto of “Colorful Colorado.” From the people, politics, industry or activities, the type of people who live here, are those that enjoy life, diversity, and opportunity.

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