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Follow this Final Walk Through Checklist for a Stress-Free Closing!

homepage-logo-retinaAfter months of searching, you have found the perfect home. To top it off, you made an offer and it was accepted! As you finalize everything, there is a constant to-do list on your mind: the home inspection is done, you are finalizing your loan, and you have set a closing date, among many other things.
As that closing date draws nearer, your realtor will set up a final walk through. The goal of the final walk through is to ensure that the terms of your contract will be met and that the property’s condition is the same as the last time you visited. While this may seem simple and straightforward below are a few tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free closing:

  • Take your contract with you. You may need to look back at it while at the home.
  • Make a checklist of everything you want to look at while doing the final walk through. Below is a good list to follow:
    • Check the exterior thoroughly. If there has been recent storms in your area, make sure to check the exterior that could be affected by wind, rain, ice, or snow
    • Test the garage doors and garage door openers
    • Check to make sure all the seller’s decorative items have been removed
    • Open and close all windows and doors
    • Check all major appliances
    • Turn all light fixtures on and off
    • Check screens and storm windows
    • Turn heat and/or air conditioning on and off
    • Turn water faucets on and check for leaks under the sink
    • Flush all toilets
    • Check the status of agreed upon repairs
    • Do a quick spot-check of the floors, ceilings, and walls
    • Make sure the seller has not removed any fixtures that they agreed to leave (chandeliers, storage units, etc.)
    • Look in storage areas to make sure trash and other items were disposed of
  • If you aren’t sure what to look for, ask your realtor. They have done more than a few final walk throughs and know exactly what to look for during that final walk through with you.
  • Remember, if there is an issue with the house, your realtor will work diligently to come up with a solution. No matter how good or bad the condition of the home is now, your agent and the seller’s agent will provide a solution to make both parties happy.

While we don’t see many bad final walk throughs, make sure you stay on track for a stress-free walk through and closing. We will be there during every step of this process to ensure you will move into the house of your dreams.

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